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Editor’s Note: Today we welcome our new blogger, Rachel Paul, to the White Tea Med Spa family. Rachel is an in-demand makeup artist and blogger here in New York City. She’ll be bringing to our readers the best of beauty, fashion, wellness, and more from her exciting and unique perspective.



Veterans Day. Today we remember and honor those who have served our country; those who have selflessly dedicated themselves to fight for our freedom. Remind yourself of these brave men and woman today by wearing some red, white and blue; it looks good on you! Since today is also #MakeupMonday, I have highlighted the best ways to proudly don these patriotic colors. Choose one at a time (there is nothing wrong with a midday makeup-change!) or dive in deep with all three. I have created these looks to stand beautifully on their own or to be combined together for a flawless look.


Surprise, surprise- my favorite splash of red is found on the lips! Nothing can compare to an unapologetically bold, red lip! It may be hard to believe but your perfect red is out there. Fair skin is made porcelain with tomato or fire engine reds. Medium complexions glow in true reds. Dark skin is striking against wine or oxblood.

After you find your go-to red, play with different formulas to find the one that best suits your level of comfort. For example: do you prefer a frosty lipstick, full coverage matte, glossy stain, sheer and balmy tint? Whatever you choose, amp it up for evening with some glistening gloss in the center to add dimension and call attention. The number one rule when wearing a red lip is to wear it with confidence, so hold your head high as you paint the town your lips red!


Dark colors recede, and light brings forth (hence the oh so flattering LBD; little black dress, and the not-so flattering white legging!) So what does that have to do with white makeup? Use white pigment around the face to highlight some of your favorite features and you will understand. Seeing is believing! Think of it like having your own professional lighting technician that walks around with you, only allowing you to be seen in the best light. Yes, please!

Dab a white eye shadow in the inner corners of the eyes to awaken and add an alluring twinkle, or use a white eyeliner on the bottom lashes in the water line (the wet spot above the root of the lashes) to minimize any redness in the eye (try Nars Eyeliner Pencil in Iceberg.) Finish off with a highlighting powder such as Mac Mineralize SkinFinish in Soft and Gentle above the cheekbones, down the middle of the nose, above and below the eyebrows, and at the bow of the lips. Voile!


Did you know that when blue is worn on the eyes, it causes the white of the eye to appear whiter? This does not mean you are bound to blue eye shadow, but it’s a good thing to know! Experiment by applying blue mascara on the tips of the lashes for a subtle brightening effect, or from root to tip if you are feeling brave. Even the brightest of blues (Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effect Faux Cils in blue for example) will not look as bold on the lash because of the way it combines with the natural lash color. Still not convinced? A navy blue eyeliner along the upper lash line will do the trick as well.

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