The holiday season is the best time to experiment with a red lip! You, yes you, can rock out a fire engine red. No matter what your hair color or personal style is, this shade of red can work for almost every one; on the condition that you bring your confidence to support it! Check out these red hot celebs below for inspiration, along with tips and tricks for dressing the rest of your face, and a few of my top picks of fire engine reds.

All photos taken from Google Images

All photos taken from Google Images

Dress Your Face

When wearing a red lip, it is best to keep all other makeup to a minimum. The goal is to wear enough makeup to balance out the red lip, while being careful not to wear too much that it takes away from your pout; or, even worse, looks like you are ready to interview for the circus.


If you look at the celebrity pics above, you will notice that black eyeliner is a must. This will define your eyes perfectly to match the lip without looking overdone. Focus the liner on the upper lash; it is not always necessary on the bottom rim in this case. Start with a soft shadow all over the lid ranging from ivory, champagne, or gold, and finish off with plenty of mascara.


A red lip has the power to draw attention to flawless skin, but on the flip side, will exaggerate any redness or blemishes. Make sure that you use a medium to full coverage foundation to perfect the complexion, along with a soft highlighter above the cheekbones. Because foundation is applied a bit heavier here than in other makeup looks, it is crucial to keep the blush soft; it needs to be present, but do not use a heavy hand. This is part of what separates the clowns from the makeup pros.

Top Picks

Nars Heatwave

Giorgio Armani Rouge D’Armani #401

Wet N’ Wild Purty Persimmon

Mac Lady Danger

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