Metallic shadows and eye liners are becoming more and more requested as we enter the holiday party season. It is such a joy for me to do this look and to see it applied on others as well! Metallics add a bit of glam, luxe, and interest to any eye design.

Can you wear a metallic eye? YES! Take a look at the variations below with some tips and tricks on how to get the look! Cheers to looking sharp in your metallic eye this season!

Use a metallic shadow on the lid as seen on this Chanel runway model for a dramatic yet bright eye design. To make it more wearable, do not extend the pigment up to the brow bone. Stop at just above the crease. Finish off with a thin black eyeliner close to the lashline and you will be walking the sidewalk as if it were the catwalk.

Chanel Runway

Metallic shadow too bold for your style? Place a bit into the inner corners of your eyes only using your fingertips. This will give anyone a well rested, bright eyed appearance.

Highlight Inner Corner

Be bold! Go for a colored metallic shadow to really pop those peepers! I love the way Kate Hudson smudged this blue under her lower lashes. Brilliant!

Kate Hudson Blue Metallic

Think your eyelid is too mature for metallics? Think again! Look at how stunning Jane Fonda looks with this color. When applying, simply be sure to keep on the lid and away from the crease where there tends to be more fine lines and wrinkles. Shine on, ladies!

JaneFonda Metallic

Go for the gold with a metallic gold eyeliner above a black liner. They both compliment each other beautifully, and you will be right on trend rocking the double liner!

Metallic double liner

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