Love Handles… Don’t Love Them?

Who knows why they are called “love” handles, anyway? Whoever coined that term clearly didn’t mean what they were saying because love handles are generally an extremely unwanted feature. With so many people built in lots of different ways, love handles are unfortunately not the easiest to remove, even with proper diet and exercise. This can make for very unhappy shopping trips, beach days, and day-to-day outfit changing. Luckily, we are here to help cure the egos that have been destroyed by those despised love handles.

love handles

Sometimes referred to as “muffin top”, love handles can definitely take away from a nice outfit, and no one wants that. No one should have to worry about that either. This is where White Tea Med Spa can play a vastly significant role in your life. With your continued healthy diet and proper exercise routine paired with the cellulite reducing treatments we offer, our technicians can help destroy that unwanted area of your body once and for all.

VelaShape and Endermologie both help to target the fat cells under your skin and bring about a more even, less bumpy, thinner figure to your body. If you continue to follow your own healthy lifestyle and let our technicians perform the full amount of treatments needed for your body, we can reduce your body’s circumference, giving you the confidence you once lacked.

So next time you try on a bathing suit or want to slip into a pair of tight jeans, remember that you don’t have to suffer with that “muffin top” any longer! Soon enough, you will be looking in the mirror with such a great sense of self esteem, and you will be telling all your friends how they can remove their problem areas as well!


Call us today and let us help you kiss your love handles good-bye!

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