The “It” 2014 Spring Trend

The spring floral trend can be a bit tired season after season. If you are like me and are looking for a fresh new way to update your wardrobe this year, try pastels!

Runway models were visions in polished pastels like icy blues, powder purples, and ballet pinks. From moto jackets to evening gowns, pastels had a place in almost every style of clothing.

This Badgley Mischka dress is simply to die for:


Jill Sander nailed it with this crop top and pale pink high-waisted skirt:

Jill Sander

Think about the endless possibilities of these ready-to-wear pieces by Burberry. So much room to mix and match!

icy blue pastel

For the pastel beginner, it is a good idea to invest in a few accent pieces that can be incorporated into different looks so that you have no fear of being mistaken for an Easter egg. If donning the latest pastel in your wardrobe is too far of a leap from your typical black and navy collection, try adding some pastels in your makeup, accessories, and handbags to start out slowly. Check out some of my favorite inspirations below:

Pastel Eyes— try to keep the color just up to the crease of the eye (not all the way up to the eyebrow as pictured below) for a more wearable look that’s fresh and modern.


Pastel Bling– Adorn yourself with these beautiful, affordable jewels from Pree Brulee for instant sparkle.

pastel necklace

Shoes and Bags– a woman can never have enough! What outfit would be complete without a perfect shoe and handbag?!

jimmy choo

Jimmy Choo

chanel bag


Pastel Nails- Quite possibly the easiest way to work some pastel pop into your ensemble! Take a look at this super cool tutorial.


What’s your favorite way to wear pastels this season?


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