Let’s Talk Legs with VelaShape


Take a minute to think of body parts most visible in Spring and Summer. That’s right, legs. They are everywhere, everyone is showing them off, and everyone wants their pair to be tan and firm–but let’s face it, tanning only goes so far. Of course when people are tan, they appear thinner and more toned, but too much tanning causes too many wrinkles and it’s not the safest option for your precious skin. This is why VelaShape by Syneron is such an amazing tool for firming those legs just in time for skirt and shorts season.

VelaShape is perfect for treating areas such as the thighs and buttocks. Imagine lounging in your bathing suit and not having to be self-conscious or worried that your bottom half is anything less than great to look at. Picture yourself having all the confidence in the world knowing that your legs are looking cellulite free. With two different applicators, VSmooth and VContour, both the larger and smaller areas of your body can be specifically targeted to reduce circumference and remove the appearance of cellulite.


Right now is the perfect time to start your VelaShape treatments because your results will be most visible within 6 weeks—just in time for the warmest weeks of the season. Of course improvements in both texture and appearance can be seen after a few treatments, so the sooner you begin, the better you will feel. Studies and statistics have shown that the average reduction seen is between 0.5 to 3 inches. Just stop and think about that. If you continue to eat healthy, work out, and indulge in these remarkable VelaShape treatments, you will be the hottest thing about Summer 2013.

Why wait? Contact us at White Tea Med Spa today to make your first appointment! And remember, the FDA has approved VelaShape as both safe, effective, and has clinically proven results for all different skin types, so there’s nothing holding you back!


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