Laser Hair Removal Season

Now that it is cold and we are always bundled up, it is the best time of the year to start getting Laser Hair Removal.  The reason is because it is not recommend it to be exposed to sunlight after getting laser hair removal because it can cause hyperpigmentation on the areas that were treated (yikes!).  Here at White Tea Med Spa, we offer the revolutionary Syneron elos Laser Hair Removal Removal technology that has set new standards in safety and speed with greater power to produce effective results! Hair follicles are precisely targeted and destroyed to achieve permanent hair reduction on both men and women.  It successfully removes even minimally pigmented hair colors on all light and dark skin types.  Achieving silky smooth skin is now more effective, faster, safer, and less expensive than ever!  Call 212-647-8919 to discuss a treatment plan with one of our licensed Laser Hair Removal technicians today!

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