Keeping Your Skin Moisturized This Winter

Winter and cold, harsh weather are taking over and our skin suffers a great deal as a result. Here are some tips to keep hydrated and moisturized this season!

As you probably know we are fans of the skin care lines Rhonda Allison, DNA and Eminence. I have hand-picked a few “must haves” to keep your skin fresh. From Eminence try Neroli Age Corrective hydrating mist and also Monoi Age Corrective Night Cream for face and neck. Neroli hydrating mist is a collgen boosting toner with natural retinal alternative and Swiss green apple stem cells. It contains coconut milk which is moisturizing and nourishing so it softens the skin. The Monoi Age Corrective Night Cream is a rich moisturizer with Argan stem cell complex for overnight hydration of the face. Argan oil is an antioxidant used to soften and moisturize.Rhonda Allison is another great line we know and love. Their pumpkin cleanser containing lactic acid for exfoliating and hydrating. Another product is the Exotica Rhodiola that targets inflammation and providing nourishment for skin cell renewal. Lastly, DNA has two great products called Phyto Collagen Moistuizer and Phyto Collagen Night Creme. Both of which are nourishing treatments that prevent hydration of facial cells and strengthen collagen fibers for firmer, smoother skin.

If you’re looking for something to try at home, there are easy DIY remedies with things you already own!

1. Buttermilk- buttermilk also contains lactic acid (mentioned before). Wet a cloth and soak cold buttermilk on your face or area for only 5 minutes! Rinse gently and feel the difference!

2. Use butter for another reason besides putting on your toast! Shea butter will give you instant moisture.

3. Olive Oil- The ancient Greeks used to take baths in, but it works with just a few dabs to the skin too!

4. Avocados! Not only are they delicious, but they have beauty benefits as well. Your skin will absorb it right up. Apply for about 10 ten minutes and then use the rest for guac- yum!

5. Honey- Mix with water and leave for about ten minutes. Try not to steal any licks off your skin 🙂



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