The importance of cleansing or how to choose the best cleanser for your skin?

It is a good habit always to cleanse the face especially before going to bed; however, it is important to understand the cleanser you use for this purpose. The cheap cleansers in most cases are harmful to your skin and with long time usage, your skin can experience irreversible damage. This can help you appreciate the dangers of bad facial cleansers and learn why organic cleansers are necessary for the health of your facial skin.

Harmful effects of bad cleansers.

Even though cleansers are made to free the skin of pollutants, free radicals and possibly toxic make-up remnants, they may be harming the skin they are made to protect. The chemical contents of these cleansers may strip your skin of lipids, antioxidants, and essential oils. This results in a cell-damage prone skin that easily wrinkles. The wrong cleanser can cause skin dehydration making it more brittle especially if you have dry skin. The person with oily skin may gain temporally dry skin after using the cleanser since it strips off the oil; however, the skin will react by producing more oil that eventually clogs the skin pores hence a serious breakout.

It is not easy for most women to do away with facial cleansers; therefore, they resort to pairing the oil stripping cleanser with skin moisturizer to counter the harmful effects of the cleanser resulting in a moist skin. This, however, is not adequate to counter the damaging effects cleansers leave. They do not have the antioxidants elements stripped from the skin nor can it stimulate the skin to reduce signs of aging.

Importance of organic cleansers.

Using organic cleansers have many benefits to your face and health in general.The best alternatives to these harmful facial cleansers is to use products like Eminence Monoi Age Corrective Exfoliating Cleanser that contains only natural active substances that can stimulate your skin to manufacture more elastin and collagen for a firmer, flexible and elastic skin. It has anti-aging effects that everyone desires. These products contain so many beneficial ingredients for deep penetration of the skin to effectively moisturize and nourish and do not make you feel greasy.

Quality cleansers also have a low pH component that balances your skin’s pH especially if you use soap that has a high pH. When it is high, the skin gets very sensitive, sore and dry leading to wrinkles or development of skin problems hence the need to maintain it at about 5.5. Brands like Rhonda Allison are made from advanced ingredients meaning they work with your skin, not against it. The cleansing factor in these facial products means that natural ingredients are used to cleanse and treat your skin which, therefore, comes into no contact with chemicals that damage it.

These cleansers are made in such a way that they cleanse your skin and open the pores without stripping the oil that would leave your skin without a protective barrier. The skin, therefore, has no need to produce extra oil that would clog the pores. The

natural balance then restores itself to your advantage. They have no adverse effects like the harsh facial cleansers.

For the extra sensitive skin, you have the advantage of using those with no fragrance. The organic cleanser has benefits like hydrating skin, reduced signs of aging, and acting as anti-inflammatory agents to soothe the skin; this is especially great for those with eczema and rosacea. Choose products from DNA to limit your exposure to toxic chemicals since they have no residues of pesticides and have no synthetic ingredients that could harm you.

The benefits of using quality cleansers are numerous, their ingredients promote collagen regeneration for a firmer more beautiful and youthful skin. The cheap chemical based cleansers may be doing you more harm than good since they strip away your natural protective barrier leaving the skin prone to bacterial and other infections.

At White Tea Med Spa, we will help you not only to choose a right product for your skin but also offer varieties of facials that will help to deeply clean your skin and keep it fresh and hydrated for longer period of time. Call us for a free consultation at (212) 647-8919.

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