Immune System

Did you know that people with cellulite have weakened immune systems?

Cellulite is an indiction not only of trapped fat beneath the skin, but also of a compromised lymphatic system.  The lymphatic system is a vital component of the immune system, which keeps us healthy and free of disease.

According to a January 2012 article by Skin Inc. Magazine, the lymphatic system has three main functions: to maintain fluid balance removing excess fluids from body tissues; to absorb fats and transport them to blood; and to protect the body against disease.  This system doesn’t have a pump like the circulatory system, and may slow down for a variety of reasons, such as poor lifestyle choices, poor circulation, illness and disease, and injuries and autoimmune disorders that can result in swollen lymph nodes.

People with cellulite have poor circulation to begin with, but in the winter circulation slows down even more.  Winter is the prime season for common colds, bronchitis, and many other illnesses – not because these viruses are more abundant this time of year, but because our bodies are weakened due to the cold temperatures.  Routine lymphatic drainage is essential, not only for reducing the appearance of cellulite, but also to maintain a healthy immune system.

So what can you do to ensure that your immune system is functioning at the optimum level?

VelaShape and LPG Endermologie at White Tea Med Spa!

LPG Endermologie is a full-body lymphatic massage that increases circulation and promotes the drainage of built-up fluids and wastes that can inhibit the immune system.  VelaShape, named “the gold standard of noninvasive cellulite treatments” by Allure Magazine in June 2011, combines thermal energy, radiofrequencies, and massage to increase lymphatic drainage while simultaneously diminishing the appearance of cellulite and contouring the treated area.  These treatments are both effective individually, but are even more powerful when combined together.

Keep your lymphatic and immune systems performing perfectly this winter with White Tea Med Spa.  Call us today at 212-647-8919 and book your free consultation to find out how VelaShape and Endermologie can keep you feeling fabulous this season.

Wojak, Terri A.  The Medical Value of Manual Lymphatic Drainage.  Skin Inc. Magazine.  January 2012.

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