Helpful Halloween Makeup Tips from Us to You!

With Halloween just a few days away, we wanted to help take a little load off your shoulders and provide some fun, healthy, and stress free advice on how to make sure your Halloween makeup application is smooth, beautiful, or frighteningly sexy –whichever you prefer!



  1. Test your makeup look beforehand!
  2. Whether you’re using fake blood to be a zombie bride, or if you’re applying dark eyes to be a cat, deer, or lioness, the best thing to do is try your makeup look beforehand. This will help you get the perfect look you are envisioning, and it will save you lots of time of having to wash it off and re-apply to find that perfect look. You will also be able to feel how different products work on your own unique skin. You’ll also learn how to remove the makeup before bed at night!
  3. Read the ingredients of your makeup! Sometimes companies sneak in ingredients into costmetic makeups that you may be allergic to or that can be harsh on your skin, so it’s always good to read read read! Make sure you find a makeup that will give you the look you want without giving you an adverse reaction!
  4. Don’t forget primer and sealer! Using primer before applying your makeup will help with a smooth application helping your face look flawless! Seal your look in with any sealer (you can find them at drug stores, spas, salons – do a little research) because you want your look to last all night long!
  5. Don’t forget you can use your makeup all different parts of your face. Dark eyeliner can help color in your nose and create whiskers. Lipstick can be used as droplets of blood if you’re going that vampire route! Be creative! Exaggerate your face, it’s Halloween afterall!
  6. Make sure you have a great make-up remover to remove all that makeup before you fall asleep. You don’t want it to clog your pores, eyes, and you definitely don’t want it all over your nice bed sheets!
  7. If you have any more questions, give us a call here at White Tea Med Spa! Our staff is very knowledgeable and trained in many different areas, so they can certainly provide you with the advice you are looking for!
  8. Be safe!!!




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