Help… My Arms!

Arms seem to be a major focal point for both men and women. It’s as easy as this: men want big muscular arms, women want little toned arms. Why weren’t we all just born this way and never had to stress over exercise, lifting weights, or wearing shirts to cover up our insecurities? Believe us, we don’t know the answer to that either, but we do know this… we can help!

It’s the same story you have heard many times. “I work out as much as I can, and I don’t eat terribly, why don’t my arms look the way I want them to? What else can I do?” Many people have been in this boat, and we completely understand how worrisome it can be to try your hardest and not achieve the results you want. Don’t give up! It’s possible that you just need a little extra boost, and our services can be of great assistance. Keep up with what you’re already doing, and let us have a chance to enhance a bit.

Our popular service, VelaShape, contours, shapes and slims the body by improving the appearance of cellulite and reducing circumference, providing remarkable results without down time or considerable discomfort. VelaShape will both firm and smooth problem spots, especially those spots on your arms, that even diet and a lot of time spent at the gym just cannot fix.


When it comes to your upper body, VelaShape is admired for the way it targets many areas, one in particular being the backs of the upper arm. This is known to be a problem area for many people, even with the right amount of exercise. The Velacontour treatment can also be quite useful in adding and amplifying definition in between muscles such as in the deltoid/biceps groove.

Our technicians are skilled in decreasing your cellulite, reducing your arms’ circumference, and helping your body form to the shape you have been trying to achieve. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, combined with the work of our technicians, will help to assure you that arms of your dreams are far from out of reach. After a few treatments, you will be on your way to having the arms you have always wanted! Call us today, and let us help!


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