Hats, and Gloves, and Scarves; Oh My! #FashionFriday

Burrrrrrr! This cold weather calls for warm accessories; stat!

Think you are not a hat person? Think again! Tired of itchy scarves against your delicate neck? Me too! Find gloves to be an annoyance? I have just the pair for you! Check out these awesome pieces that satisfy your every need, and look stylish at the same time!


Choosing your perfect winter hat is all about balancing the shape of your face with the shape of the hat.

For example:

Those who have heart shaped faces, usually have pointy chins with wide cheek bones. These hard features are best paired with a slouchy hat such as:

Target slouchy Hat


Round faces are contrasted beautifully with a hat that has structure to it like this one:

Structured for round


Stick to fitted beanies like this if you have an oval shape so that you do not add length to the face:

Jcrew fitted beanie


Those with oblong faces look great with large, circular hats to offset their narrow structure:

Saks large round hat



For chilly days and chilly nights, the ideal scarf will bring you warmth, comfort, and style! Check out some of my favorites below:

Anthropology scarf


Textured Chevron-Knit Cowl - Camel


Express sequinned scarf


Zara scarf



Every woman should have at least two-three pairs of gloves. Most of you (I assume) would probably not wear a cocktail dress to a basketball game. In the same way, it is not appropriate to wear fur lined gloves to go skiing! Be aware of the event and chose your hand gear properly!

When you are running errands and do not have time to remove your gloves to check off items on your smart phone’s notepad, throw these on and you will not waste a minute:

Calvin Klein from Zappos touch

Calvin Klein from Zappos.com

Building a snowman? Snowboarding? Trying to win a snowball fight? Keep the cold and the snow out with these:

Underarmour gloves


Cozy up with this stylish pair for a night out on the town with the girls or your special someone:

Bloomingdales fur gloves


Classy, professional, and elegant, these will go with almost any outfit, accompanying you from work to happy hour drinks:

Jcrew leather gloves


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