Halloween Done the White Tea Med Spa Way

Don’t let one night of indulgences undo all of your hard work!

Once fall sets in it feels like only a matter of minutes before the holiday season starts in earnest. But before that, we get our first taste of revelry on October 31 with Halloween. This one night a year we get to play dress up with abandon and here at the White Tea Med Spa, we’re beauty professionals and we just love it!


We love piling on stage makeup, colorful hairsprays, and indulging our obsession with glitter (just this one night!!) to transform us. But since we are beauty professionals, we are always careful to take certain steps to ensure our beautiful skin is still beautiful when we wipe away our alter ego.

  • Our very own lead esthetician, Maria Rianna-Boyajian, was recently featured in an article on SheKnows.com discussing this very thing. The first step is to try to give your skin a break in the day or two leading up to a heavy makeup application. “You don’t need to go without [makeup] for a long time. Try going makeup-free on weekend mornings and remove it right after work,” she advises.
  • Before applying the evening’s look, make sure to thoroughly prep the skin. This means washing your face with a gentle cleanser, applying a serum and following up with a nutrient-packed moisturizer.
  • One of our favorite money-saving Halloween tips is to purchase a makeup kit from a drug store. It has everything you need, in formulas designed for the long-lasting, heavy application that makes Halloween makeup look so incredible. One of our faves is at Ricky’s.
  • This one is key: DO NOT FORGET TO REMOVE YOUR LOOK BEFORE HEADING TO BED.  Get yourself a good eye makeup remover, some cleansing towelettes, and clean up before hitting the hay. No excuses, people! Check this out. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.
  • Once the party is over and the makeup has come off, come to the White Tea Med Spa for a well-deserved facial. Our ultrasound facial starts with a pumpkin cleanser, perfect to usher in the Thanksgiving season, and provides superior exfoliation and actually helps the skin absorb helpful nutrients better. After one treatment, you’ll notice better hydrated skin, better laxity, and improved texture.
  • Finally, have fun! Check out this link from our friends at Glamour full of great Halloween makeup tips.
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