Top Ten Holiday Gifts #SaturdaySpotlight

I am sure you are familiar with that look of pure surprise and excitement in children’s eyes as they open their holiday gifts! That look is part of what makes giving such a joy! If you give the right gift, and watch closely, you will even find that look in the eyes of your parents, siblings, and significant others.

What does NOT make giving a joy is the stress that can often accompany purchasing the gift. Finding time to go shopping, fighting the crowds, and deciding what to get for Great Uncle Rick who has everything that an 85 year old man would need, is no walk in the park. Do not fret!

Here are my top ten gift ideas to help you get organized and give you some inspiration for those hard-to-buy-for people on your list. Check out these unique gifts that will grant you the “Best Aunt” title along with links to purchase from the convenience of your computer on this snowy day! The only problem is that you will have to outdo yourself next year. You cannot say I did not warn you!

1) Handpresso Auto E.S.E Portable Esspresso Machine for the Car


2) Chinon Legato CH-PS840 Handcrafted Passive Speaker Dock


3) Microwave Smores Maker



4) Steward Stand Stainless Steel Driving Wallet 


5) Infinity Raven Black Clutch Wrap Purse


6) Mosaic Photo Book


7) Sew Cool Sewing Machine

Sewing machine

8) Hand-Stamped Jewelry Personalized Charm


9) Sennheiser HD 558 Stereo Headphones


10) LeapPad Ultra

Leap pad

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