From Kirsy: Endermologie

My name is Kirsy and I am one of White Tea Med Spa’s endermologie specialists.  I started doing endermologie in 2004 and know everything there is know about it.

One story I wanted to share is  about a client I have who is very beautiful, young and not overweight at all.  But her cellulite was what we call Stage 3, which is the worst. On top of that, it was swollen and the dimples were deep.  She was considering liposuction but wanted to try endermologie first.

She had to have many sessions because of the severity of her cellulite but she followed our recommended nutrition and exercise regime and at the end, she was thrilled because her legs had shape and looked like they did when she was in her teens.  She followed with once-a-month maintenance and never had to do the liposuction! Now all she has to do is her monthly maintenance.

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