Fotofacial Treatments and How They Work

In basic terms, Fotofacial is a term for a skin care treatment that uses intense-pulsed light technology to target sun damages areas of your skin, including brown spots and pigmentation from the sun. While fotofacial is also helpful in treating spider veins, facial redness, and aging skin, it is also helpful in treating broken capillaries, rosacea, enlarged pores, freckles, and decline in skin texture. On top of that, a fotofacial can help you achieve and youthful, more plump-like glow by boosting collagen in your skin. Basically, a fotofacial can do a lot to help your skin, and here at White Tea Med Spa, our skilled technicians offer the Fotofacial RF treatment, and our aestheticians work hard to ensure you are comfortable and happy with your results.

To get down to the science of the treatment, a fotofacial works by distributing a bright light at a high energy level through a hand held device. The fotofacial machine uses a range of visible and infra-red light to care for many different skin conditions. Because people can experience many different skin conditions, it is very important to discuss with your aesthetician beforehand, so they can help choose which path is best for you while explaining the treatment and the results it can bring to your skin. Your aesthetician will also inform you how the treatment will work and how many series of treatments you may need to achieve your skincare goals.

Once you are ready to begin your treatment, your aesthetician will analyze your skin and can see what they will need to do to help you the best way they can. Typically, your face will be cleansed, a cool gel will be applied, you will be provided with protection for your eyes, and the fotofacial will begin, with your aesthetician applying the handheld machine to your face which will be set to the proper settings, based on your unique needs, and the pulsed light will be delivered to your skin to begin the remarkable techniques of the fotofacial process. Again, your aesthetician is there to help you, and they will ensure that your whole experience is both comfortable and relaxing for you.

Again, it is important to be open with your aesthetician, asking any questions that may arise. They will let you know how many series of treatments will work best for you, and they will also help remind you of what skin care routine will work best for you in conjunction with your fotofacial treatments.


Fotofacial RF is a type of treatment that can really give significant results when you keep up with your appointments. Pick up the phone and call us today, and let us help you begin your fotofacial series!

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2 Responses to Fotofacial Treatments and How They Work

  1. Sonja says:

    As a child I spent a lot of time in the hot beating sun in my native country of the Dominican Republic, I developed many dark patches on my face, and i would like to get rid of them without having to bleach my face off, would I be a good candidate for this treatment?

    • Kirsy says:

      Hi Sonja! Yes, spending a lot of time in the sun can certainly cause sun damage specially if you’ve been exposed to it since an early age but the good news is that FotoFacial can definitely help! In order to determine if you would be a good candidate for Fotofacial, you would have to come in for a free consultation and have one of our estheticians take a look at your skin. Please call us at 212-647-8919 and we’d be more than happy to schedule an appointment for you. See you soon!

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