Five Ways to Reduce Cellulite


Just the word makes me cringe.

While there is no real magic potent that will iron out cellulite, there are ways to significantly reduce its appearance. Take a look at the top 5 ways below:

1) Drink Water


One of the simplest aids in reducing a dimply appearance is to drink more water. This will help flush the body of toxins and encourage improved blood flow; both of which will produce a smoother bod.

2) Exercise


Check out these moves from to tone and firm your muscles, creating a sleeker appearance on the surface. Also hear what Doctor Oz and his board of experts have to say here.

3) Eat right

eat right


Yahoo Shine has compiled a list of foods that will fight cellulite. Who knew it was as simple as eating! Start incorporating these foods into your diet to eat your way smooth.

4) Try Endermologie


Endermologie is a cellulite reduction treatment that uses a rolling suction device to smooth out the skin and contour the body. Remember that even thin people can be victim to the “cottage cheese look,” and liposuction misses the top layer of fat that often causes a rippling effect. This is where Endermologie is extremely effective. With as little as 14 sessions, you will see a dramatic difference in the skin’s texture and overall body contours. Try a free consultation.

5) Quit smoking


If you are still trying to kick the habit, here is some more incentive. Smoking limits the blood supply to the skin, making it thinner, and therefore, more saggy. This will exaggerate any dimpling on arms, thighs, and buttocks.




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