#FashionFriday Choose your Coat Wisely

Welcome back to the continuation of our journey through the wide array of winter wear. As we saw in our last #FashionFriday post “Look Hot; Beat the Cold,” staying warm does not have to mean fashion suicide.

Living in NYC, I understand that outerwear can make or break an outfit, and sometimes, it is the main attraction. Commuting, shopping, or simply taking in the sites, I spend a majority of my day wearing my coat, so I better look good in it!

Your coat should reflect your style, flatter your figure, be comfortable to move around in, and keep in the heat! With so many choices, I understand that you may reach your breaking point and purchase the next coat you rest your eyes on. Do not do it!

Everyone should have at least two coats. One for party, one for play; one for work, one for errands; one for holiday dinners, one for running to the gym-  catch my drift?  Please do not wear the same coat you have on from work to build a snowman. It probably was not designed for that kind of wear and tear; and chances are, it will not be warm enough or water resistant when your neighbor’s son decides to pelt you with a snowball.

Below I have categorized a few of my favorite style of coats into two sections: “Polished” and “Relaxed”. Choose one from each category that matches your style, and you will be fully prepared to face this brisk winter in style.

POLISHED (date night, work, parties, etc.)

D coat 4 (1)

Fur + wool = Warm and fashionable!

D coat 2

Tailored and neutral this is the epitome of “polished.”

D coat 1

Going for the “WOW” factor? Fur, fur, and more fur. On a side note, this coat will make you feel like you have your own personal heater.

RELAXED (errands, brunch, walking the dog, outdoor activities, etc.)

C coat real 2

Stylish yet purposeful, you will be the hottest mom/babysitter/aunt having fun outside with the kids in this number!

C coat 1

Run around town without losing your steam. I am loving this army green color, by the way!

C coat 3

For my divas who “don’t do casual,” this is a bit more dressed down than something you should wear to a cocktail party. The shearling inside adds warmth; perfect for site seeing around the city on a chilly day.


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