A Facial You Should Try Right Now!


With Fashion Week wrapping up everyone in New York is attending endless parties and shows that we all could use a nap and maybe even a vacation. Although that would be nice, most of us can’t pack up and leave so I have an alternative solution for a pick me up. I just got an oxygen facial and it was one of the most interesting facials I have experienced. The purpose of the treatment is to repair and rebuild your skin from the inside out. It is beneficial for dull, lack luster skin and to tighten the skin. It is also good for acneic skin types to help clean and clear. There are three components including a bio-wand, bio-jets and bio-dome which infuses the most powerful, and proven ingredients to address fine lines, blemishes and wrinkles. Oxygen is administered topically which means directly on your lines and wrinkles to increase collagen. This revitalizing facial left me feeling refreshed and clean. Although I will admit, I was skeptical of the dome part of the facial, but it turned out to be totally fine. Oxygen facials are becoming increasingly more popular recently as Madonna even has an oxygen facial machine in each of her homes! Although we probably won’t have our own, most spas are anxious to add this treatment to their list. Besides drinking a lot of water, and getting your 8 hours an oxygen facial should be added to your beauty regime ASAP! I am certainly looking forward to my next facial and watch my skins appearance improve.

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