A Facial for Everyone!

Disclaimer: I must warn the squeamish or easily terrified to look away. Below is a somewhat disturbing photo.

My skin has been a little out of whack recently thanks to the weather, hormones, and insufficient water intake. The issue? A lackluster complexion and an overall tired appearance. I tried exfoliating at home and amping up my daily skin care routine, but there was still something off. I knew I needed the help of a professional.

I made an appointment with Ivana Stevanovic at The White Tea Med Spa to give my skin exactly what it was craving. Apparently, it was in need of a deep breath- it was in need of oxygen. Ivana recommended the Oxygen Facial to revitalize and renew.

What started as a classic facial, (cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, massage, peel, etc.) turned out to be so much more. There were components to this facial that I have never experienced before; such as an oxygen dome. That’s right, a dome. After my skin was fully prepped and diagnosed, Ivana used a Vitamin C mask to bring  my radiance back. Here comes the scary picture…..


The tube pictured here (which, by the way, is not in my mouth, just above) disperses the oxygen directly to the face, and is contained with the use of this dome. It feels like a cool jet of gentle air. Pretty relaxing. The cold air helps the mask penetrate the skin, and closes the pores to prevent any bacteria from entering, which makes them appear non-existent. According to Ivana, I had large pores, so I was happy to “shrink” them!

What is so amazing about the Oxygen Facial is that it is good for EVERYONE. Acne prone? Oxygen is beneficial to calm irritation and inflammation of breakouts. Severely dehydrated? Oxygen will breathe new life into dull and tired skin. Your facialist will personalize a mask to use in combination with the oxygen streams, jets, and wands according to your skin’s needs. Even better news: these oxygen delivery systems eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Woohoo!

Get a jump start on a spring glow; call 212-647-8919 to book your Oxygen Facial today. After just one treatment, there is a dramatic difference in my skin, and I know you will also be amazed when you see the effects oxygen can have!

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