My experience with chemical peels

Chemical peels sounds rather horrific and not appealing in the slightest way. However, I have started my series of doing them in order to improve imperfections in my complexion. I wanted to share my experience because chemical peels don’t get as much credit as they deserve as they are extremely effective and worth getting. The first time I got a chemical peel was over a year ago at a Med Spa I found via the internet. I was hesitant but they insisted that this was the right thing I needed to do, so I agreed. I under went the procedure and they didn’t explain to me the after effects and I was horrified. Not only did I never want to go back to that Med Spa but I would never consider a chemical peel again. I broke out, my face was red, it was Valentine’s day… it just was a big mess. Later that year I began working for a new Med Spa, and my lovely co- workers INSISTED on a chemical peel. I, of course said no freaking way. After much persuasion and education on what actually happens during a chemical peel and the after effects that are actually beneficial, I agreed. I followed the instructions carefully, and after only doing two I see a great difference. It’s so important to know how to take care of your skin especially after such a treatment that requires after care. The best time to get a chemical peel is during the colder weather seasons as you are sensitive to sun light and required to wear sun screen. It will also help revive your dry skin conditions and keep your skin looking fresh throughout these colder months. They are beneficial for most skin types although the peel may vary according to skin type. Before getting a peel, make sure you understand what it entails and the aesthetian explains what you should expect after the fact. If you’re interested in learning more about chemicals please visit our information page on our website or stop by for a free consultation… Happy Friday!!

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