Endermologie Can Improve the Post-Surgical Effects of Liposuction

So you’ve finally decided to invest in liposuction or that tummy tuck you’ve always dreamed of.  But now you are finding a new problem: lumps and bumps and swelling!  Has your doctor told you about endermologie?

Many doctors recommend endermologie treatments post-surgery as the best way to smooth post-liposuction bumps and surface irregularities. Endermologie will help reduce swelling and bruising more quickly!

At the same time, endermologie contours your body and helps eliminate the appearance of cellulite! White Tea Med Spa’s cellulite specialists have treated pre and post-surgery patients with great results.

In addition to it’s pre and post-surgical benefits, endermologie increases your circulation, softens your skin’s connective tissue and helps your body eliminate toxins.

Come to White Tea Med Spa and experience the many benefits of endermologie!

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