Endermologie :: A Visual

Oftentimes when people explain how things work, the person who is listening tries to visualize the concept in their heads. Because everyone has as different imagination, different people interpret things in different ways.

For example, you’ve read many times in this blog how Endermologie works. You know that Endermologie is a mechanical technique, pairing suction and two rollers to symmetrically and steadily fold and unfold the skin with the fat becoming less sticky. The blood flow increases and allows the metabolic byproducts to pass through the body normally. At the same time, this stretches the fibers that connect the muscles to the skin. After repeated treatments, the fat cells shrink and reshape, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Endermologie helps to target the problem areas that even diet and exercise can’t fix. At White Tea Med Spa, we have skilled technicians who can perform Endermologie treatments on your body, adhering to your unique and individual needs. We will help reduce the appearance of fat and cellulite on your body, while contouring and re-shaping your figure to a desired size.

This all makes sense to read and sounds remarkable, but sometimes seeing things can make all the difference in the world. Stop and take the time to watch this brief video, and learn all about how Endermologie can help you!


Call us today and let us start you on your Endermologie journey!

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