Embarrassed by Cellulite? Do THIS Once a Week

Cellulite is a common problem among women, and while it can affect men as well, the way women’s bodies store fat tends to make it much more prominent in females.

If you’re embarrassed by cellulite, one of the best things you can do is take on a fat-busting routine. It could feel like a slow process, but if you stick with it, you’ll notice those bits of fat on the back of your legs and thighs starting to fade away. You may not look like you’re 19 when you’re 59, but doing the right things can help you look your absolute best.

Do You Need to Lose Weight?

Before you can really start to think about focused exercise for targeting stubborn body fat, one thing you need to think about is losing weight. If you’re even 10 pounds overweight, carrying extra fat around with you can make cellulite a whole lot more visible.

Even by losing one or two pounds you can help the fat layer on your body move further away from your skin, reducing the appearance of unsightly fat. Don’t go on a fast or anything, but consider altering your diet so you can lose about one pound per week through a combination of what you eat and how much you move.

Just a pound or two can make a big difference, especially if you’ve been at the same weight for a long period of time.

Do Squats

Squats are familiar to anybody who has ever hit the gym with a trainer or taken on a serious exercise routine. While they tend to be one of the most dreaded activities in the gym, they really can do wonders for toning the back of your thighs and legs where trouble spots are commonly found.

When you first start doing squats, the motion and mechanics are extremely important. Stand in an open space with your back straight and your arms either behind your head or straight out in front of you. From there, slowly lower your torso down until you’re in a squat position. Raise yourself back up and repeat the process about 12 times. You don’t have to add weight at first, but as you get used to the position, even five or 10-pound free weights can make the exercise more efficient.

Doing squats will help you build lean muscle and burn some of the fat that can give men and women problems around the buttocks and the back of the legs.

Try Prone Inner-Leg Lifts

Inner-leg lifts may not be as well-known as squats, but they can help you tone your legs and get a lean, well-defined shape in your thighs and calf muscles. Unlike squats though, prone inner-leg lifts do require just a little bit of equipment to do them properly.

Wearing ankle weights, lie on your left side on a yoga or workout mat and place your head down gently on your left arm. Your right hand should fall in front of your chest flat on the floor.

From there, bend the knee of your right or top leg in front of your other knee so your foot is flat on the floor. Raise your left or bottom leg as high as possible and hold that position for one to two seconds.

Do one set of 10 to 12 inner-leg lifts before switching to the other side. This exercise might be difficult at first, but stick with it and you’ll notice improved definition in your legs and added strength as well.

Add One-Leg Lunges to Your Workout

The one-leg lunge is a more advanced take on the classic lunge, but doing this version instead will help you really strengthen your legs and get rid of stubborn fat. You’ll need a sturdy chair to make it work, but no extra equipment is necessary.

Start by standing about two feet in front of your chair. Extend your left leg backward until the top of your foot is planted firmly on the seat of the chair. Check your posture to make sure your back is straight and your head isn’t craned down at the neck.

Extend your left leg forward until it is parallel to the floor, keeping your left knee beneath your toes. Take a breath and return to your starting position. Repeat for a full set before switching legs.

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