Elos Technology… What is it?

You’ve heard about VelaShape and the wonders that it works on the body, but let’s get down to the technology of it. VelaShape uses Elos Technology by Syneron to help achieve that slim, toned, firm appearance. Elos is the first and only technology developed by Dr. Eckhouse and Dr. Kreindel, which uses both the power of bi-polar radio frequency and optical energy simultaneously.

Elos uses bi-polar radio frequency and laser light technology to create heat that works for all different skin types without any harmful effects whatsoever. In addition to that, Elos uses a vacuum and mechanical massage to target each problem cellulite area directly. Pairing these energies together helps increase the body’s lymphatic drainage, increase the metabolism of stored energy, and reduce the size of the fat cells and chambers which create the appearance of cellulite on the skin. VelaShape uses Elos to reduce the body’s circumference and create a very smooth, contoured, and even shape. Using Elos, VelsShape can target and treat both the deeper tissue as well as the upper layers of the skin.

During the treatments which use the Elos technology such as VelaShape, our skilled and trained technicians will easily move the device over the area you desire to be treated repeatedly in order to encourage circulation and cellular breakdown. Many people have described the VelaShape treatment as feeling like a relaxing deep tissue massage.

Because VelaShape is non-surgical and harmless, many people opt for this treatment over other, more invasive options. On top of that, VelaShape causes no downtime at all, so you can get back to your everyday activities as soon as your treatment is over.

Elos technology is by far one of the safest cellulite removing treatments for any skin type or color. So what are you waiting for? Call us today and book your appointment!

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