VelaShape Featured on Dr. Oz!

As the holidays get even closer, by now you might be getting even more overwhelmed with the fear of having no time to get anything done.  You are probably too busy finishing up things at work before the year end, making sure your kids are all set for Christmas parties, buying and wrapping presents, that you don’t even have time to think about dieting let alone working out. But don’t worry. Enjoy yourself for now, because we can help you get back into shape once the holiday craziness subsides!

At White Tea Med Spa, we offer different services to help contour your body, reduce fat, remove the appearance cellulite, and get your body back to where you want it.  One of our favorite services we offer for these exact issues is VelaShape.  VelaShape helps target your problem areas and give you that extra boost your body needs.


It seems that VelaShape is not only one of OUR favorite features, but it is quickly becoming one of the most effective and efficient body contouring treatments out there! VelaShape is getting so popular, it was even featured on Doctor Oz! Here, Dr. Anne Chapas specifically discusses VelaShape III, the latest and greatest VelaShape service.

Have a look at this video, and we can assure you will be even more amazed by the outstanding ways VelaShape can help you or someone you know!

January is the perfect time to come in and try for yourself. Start the near year with a new YOU. We are booking up fast, so call us today!

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