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I hope this is a safe zone because I have an appalling confession to make. Here it goes:

I have been in the beauty industry for about ten years and I have never, EVER gotten a facial before.

Yes, I said it. If there was a word that ends in “phobia” to describe one’s fear of facials, that would be what I have had. Between the extractions and all of the products the esthetician slathers on, I was convinced I would come out looking like a fresh slice of pepperoni pizza; bright red with a lot of breakouts.  “I’d rather keep all that gunk trapped under the surface of my skin,” I would proclaim. That is, until Maria, my skin and body specialist, got her hands on me. She was calm yet confident, and I could tell that she was passionate, knowledgeable, and was going to change my perspective.


My skin is normal to oily, prone to breakouts, and gets that T-Zone glow at midday. As I age (eek!) I notice that I have some hyper pigmentation on my upper lip, and have a few broken capillaries on my cheek.  Also, my eyebrows are not as lifted as they once were. They are starting to fall towards my eyelid, taking away room for eye shadow! How rude!

I am always hesitant to put anything new on my face in fear of breaking out or having some kind of awful reaction. I have even trained myself not to touch my skin throughout the day. Nonetheless, I put my face in Maria’s hands, took a deep breath, and let her begin her diagnoses and treatment.


Maria chose the DNA facial for me where she used the full line of DNA Skincare: cleansers, toners, serums, even a light peel which requires no down time. These products are free of chemicals and preservatives, transcending aging and rejuvenating the skin through Bovine skin stem cell technology that firms, tightens, and lifts.

The moment I laid back comfortably in the dimly room, I closed my eyes and let my mind shut off. Immediately, my other senses were heightened and I was overwhelmed with relaxation from the aromatic cleansers and toners Maria applied to prep my skin. The calming sound of the background music; the massage techniques; I felt like I was in heaven.

When it came time for the actual Bovine stem cells to be applied, Maria alerted me that she had to retrieve them from the freezer where they are stored, and when she returned, I was not allowed to speak because even my breath could potentially weaken the rejuvenating power of these cells. Wow! I was confident that I was getting the best of the best!

Not only was this a facial using special products and massage techniques, but it was also one that included machines and specialized treatments. Maria started with a small machine to loosen up all of the clogged pores, and moved straight to the microdermabrasion. Who does not love smooth and radiant skin with clean pores?

Another part of the facial that particularly stood out to me was the microcurrent. Using two metal rods, one positively charged, one negatively charged, Maria strategically rolled them around, using her expertise to contour my face. “It’s like being a sculptor,” Maria said. These currents awaken the muscles, causing the skin to be lifted, so it is important to know where to hold the rods and for how long. When she completed one side of my face, she handed me the mirror so I could see the difference. I could not believe my eyes.


Brighter? Check! Smoother? Check! Lifted? Check! Holy crap why on earth was I fighting it for this long?! If you take a look at my before and after picture below (taken by Maria,) you can see a noticeable difference in the contours of my face. Look at how much more lifted my eye brows are from the left to the right! You can also tell from this picture the overall smoothness and more even complexion of my skin. Even the lines I had on my forehead and around my eyes were gone! Beacause of the lighting in the spa room, what you cannot see very well is the increase in radiance, but take my word for it, it is there!


I can guarantee I will be back for my next facial in the very near future. I received many compliments on my skin and I learned that it is best to go at least once a month to maintain your skin’s health. These stem cells mean business! If you want to try it out for yourself, I am SURE you will not be disappointment. Chances are, you probably have a holiday party or two that you would like to look a bit more lifted and contoured for! Call Maria at 212-647-8919 to make an appointment.

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