Directions to the Fountain of Youth

Did you know that the future of anti aging skin care is at your fingertips; available at The White Tea Med Spa?! This is the first spa in NYC to provide the DNA CyroStem Cell Facial and the DNA CyroStem Cell skincare line (which makes maintenance in between visits that much easier.)


100% chemical and preservative free, DNA Stem CyroStem Cell produces fast and furious results- over 70% skin cell growth in just SIX days!

fountain of youth

We aren’t the only ones excited about this fountain of youth. Jennifer Stevens, of Z!nk Magazine, featured DNA CyroStem Cell in the 2014 spring issue. Pick up your copy on newsstands now, or take a peek below at some of my favorite highlights.


The pioneer in innovative technology of Stem Cell Skin Therapy, Dr. Aguliar successfully reached a conclusion on how to achieve younger looking skin through the use of his groundbreaking DNA CryoStem Skin Therapy System.”

The reason to use stem cells is quite simple: stem cells are the most powerful agents in healing damaged tissue and creating new cells for skin regeneration. Like humans, cells need other cells for information, support, direction and nourishment.”

“…the serum performs the same functions and tasks as live human skin identically. The skin and serum are in sync with one another, which in turn allows the skin to repair, heal and rejuvenate.”

Instantly, the areas where the serum is applied has a hydrated dewy appearance. Gone are the days of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes. Facial stress is combated as well as other visible signs of aging that come from environmental factors as well.”

Call 212-647-8919 to book your appointment today, or shop the skin care line here.

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