Cellulite, Where Does It Come From, and Why Do I Have It?


We are glad you asked. Not only can we answer both questions, but we can help remove your cellulite as well. In basic terms, cellulite is unrelenting subcutaneous fat causing your skin to dimple. Cellulite is typically most noticeable on the thighs and buttocks, and it is most common in women (although many men struggle with cellulite as well), and it usually occurs after someone hits puberty. Cellulite can be very frustrating because as stated, it shows up in the most unwanted areas, especially during bathing suit season.  Cellulite derives from fat cells. When fat cells are enlarged, the inflexible fibers push toward the soft tissue of the skin’s dermis, causing the appearance of an uneven surface, sometimes disgracefully referred to as the “cottage cheese” look, and no one want wants their skin to be compared to cottage cheese.

Cellulite can appear for many different reasons. Heredity is one major cause, as is poor eating habits (too many carbohydrates, too much salt, not enough fiber), dehydration, lack of exercise, sitting or standing in the same position for long periods of time, smoking, hormones, and just being plain old unlucky.  Wearing clothing that is too tight and inhibits your blood flow can also play a part in the world of cellulite.  As you can see, many different lifestyle factors can add that dreaded cellulite to your valuable skin. Obviously, vigorous workouts and extreme dieting can make your body rock solid, but it doesn’t always remove as much cellulite as many people would like. These cellulite filled areas that just won’t budge are often referred to as “problem areas”. These areas can cause a lot of insecurity and self esteem issues which in turn can lead to stress, poor diet which you just learned can all cause cellulite.

Don’t worry, though—we are here to help. We want to put a stop to your worries right now. With the many cellulite reducing treatments we offer at White Tea Med Spa, your skin can appear much smoother and more even, and your cellulite can be drastically diminished in just a few simple treatments.


Call us today to find out how we can help remove your cellulite and begin to boost your self confidence in a few steps!

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