Celebrities and magazine editors love VelaShape

I was just reading an article on New Beauty Magazine’s web site Daily Beauty about how VelaShape is Kim Kardashian’s new favorite method of smoothing and slimming! She talks about how much she loves Vela and the results is over at the Insider.

I also read an article from Vogue Magazine where the writer explores ways to tone and shrink her thighs, abdomen and waist. She says the treatment that really got her attention was VelaShape, “one of the first energy-based devices to be FDA approved for ‘circumferential reduction’ of the thighs. Combining two established fat-penetrating modalities – radio frequency and infrared light – with a suction-like stimulating massage head…with zero down time and little risk.”  She tries it.  One month later, she says she feels tighter if not thinner and her measurements show a 2.5 cm reduction in her waist, thighs and lower back, just enough to have her “feeling newly taut in her jeans.”

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