Body Enhancing Treatments : Not Just for Women


When you envision a spa atmosphere, it is common for the image of a relaxing setting encompassed by calming music, invigorating scents, and an abundance of women anxiously awaiting their treatments to come to your mind. Correct? Well, all of those descriptions are true, especially here at White Tea Med Spa, except for the part that the spa is exclusively full of women.

It is a well-known, stereotypical thought that women are the only ones entering a spa anticipating their body improvements. Certainly, many women are indeed the clients who are undergoing services such as VelaShape, Endermologie, and other cellulite/fat decreasing treatments, but these treatments do not discriminate. In fact, these services were designed for both women and men alike.

Females are typically more vocal about their bodily insecurities, but males certainly have them too. Men will usually try everything they can at the gym to sculpt their torsos and other body parts until they are rock solid, but as we all know, some problematic areas may remain. Men are more prone to cellulite on their hips and chest, and sometimes exercising just can’t do the trick. On top of that, many men struggle with their midsection, believe it or not, and this can contribute to serious health risks. More than half of the American male population is overweight, and a need for cellulite and fat reduction is crucial. This is where White Tea Med Spa can help!

According to research, American men are under a high amount of daily stress at work and at home, trying to make ends meet and provide for their families. This isn’t always a good thing because too much stress can actually cause changes to the nervous system, hormones, and encourage fat accumulation, especially around the waist. This extra body fat leads to even more stress, mentally and physically. Luckily, our skilled and trained technicians here at White Tea Med Spa can help put some ease to that unnecessary stress. We can easily assist in the reduction of love handles for both men and women in a harmless and non-invasive way.


Whether you’re a man reading this, or you know of a man who is just a few treatments away from his dream body, call us at White Tea Med Spa now to let us help.

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