Benefits of Laser Hair Removal!

Hair is everywhere on our body. Some people have it fine and not so visible and some have dark coarse hair that’s very visible. Waxing and shaving are the most common ways to remove unwanted hair, however the pain associated with these practices are not pleasant and sometimes unbearable. Laser hair removal provides a quick, painless solution by gently removing hair from even the most sensitive spots of your body. The ideal candidate for Laser Hair Removal is anyone who has unwanted hair in the following areas: cheeks, upper lip, chin, sideburns, around the neck, underarms, shoulders, back, and stomach and bikini area.

What are the benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

  1. Improves your overall physical appearance and boost your confidence by achieving a smoother and beautiful skin. It is easier to mingle and socialize if you know that you look flawless.
  2. Save your time and money. Waxing and shaving are temporary practices done repeatedly in regular intervals, thus make you spend more time and money. Waxing also sometime causes re-growth and ingrown hair.
  3. Ensures comfort with no side effects. Cooling of the skin surface and constant measurement of the skin’s resistance by the technician during the treatment will make you feel pain free.

4.  Proven permanent hair reduction results after series of treatments. Hair is gradually reduced after each treatment.

If you would like to say goodbye to your unwanted hair, call 212-647-8919 and book for an initial consultation with one of our White Tea Med Spa licensed technicians.

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