Beauty resolution tips for this new year.

The holidays are now over and like most people, you probably overdid it there a little bit. And why wouldn’t you? After all, you were celebrating the end of a long, hard year. It is only fair that you treat yourself to some of the best meals and celebratory cocktails. But as we all know, that kind of “living dangerously” has its consequences. Your body is not as tight and formed as it used to be before December rolled in; you may have taken a few too many days off your beauty products regimen because you were down in Cabo or you may have stayed out late on way too many nights and now the skin on your face is paying for it. No matter how you look at it, as worth it as those celebrations were, a new year has come about and you have to go back to being yourself again. This means re-emphasizing your beauty regimens or coming up with new beauty resolutions for this new year. Whichever way you choose to lean, we are here to help you out with natural skin, body and face cleansing and beauty tips that will get you back in shape right away.

Here are few beauty resolution tips for you to follow this year:

VelaShape your body.

If you are busy looking for a much faster way to get rid of that bulging tummy or reduce that accumulated cellulite on your thighs and buttocks, then you might want to look at the new and improved VelaShape III. Now 5 times stronger than the previous VelaShapes, with III, you will begin to see the results in as little as one treatment.

Get your skin tightened. Get rid of thigh and buttock cellulite. Retain that youthful bikini ready body shape. With this option, you can give your new year beauty resolutions a jump start and get right back in shape.

Take better care of your skin.

There is no question about it, you need to take better care of your skin. As much as you pay close attention to your skin’s health, you know that this is an ongoing process and the more you learn about skin care options, the better you are equipped to manage and take better care of yourself. There are series of skin care options available from chemical peels to our signature ReFirme treatment as well as the popular Triniti Skin Series, we have everything you need to keep your skin looking rejuvenated, healthy and youthful.

Give your body a break every so often.

There is no doubt it’s going to be a rugged year – new heights to scale and what not. But as hard as you are going to be working, you should take the time out to give your body a break every now and again. We are talking regular spa dates where you can go, relax and have a professional take good care of not only your skin, but your entire body. From relaxing deep tissue massages to facials and body care treatments that will get you glowing. How about a little laser unwanted hair removal? Every now and then, take a day off and just pamper yourself. It will give you the energy and reinvigoration that you will need to keep pushing those career limits.

At White Tea Med Spa, we have everything you need to keep yourself looking youthful and beautiful. Give us a call at (212) 647-8919 today and let us help you maintain those new year’s beauty resolutions in a professional and relaxing manner.

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