Are you the next Ms. Cottage Cheese or Ms. Universe?

How will you know that you are the next Ms. Cottage Cheese or Ms. Universe? If you suspect that you are a candidate for the first title, then you have to do a serious whole body examination. Here is what you can do!

Simply look at yourself in front of the mirror undressed, with accurate light in the room; examine your stomach area, back and front of your thighs or legs, buttocks and arms. These are the most common areas of the body where fatty tissues stay. The cellulite on these areas will look like bumpy and lumpy cottage cheese appearance. Standing, lying and pinching your skin, can tell you what level of cellulite you have during your examination at home. The following are the levels of cellulite.

Level One: You see cellulite only when you pinch your skin.
Level Two: You see cellulite when you’re standing but not lying down
Level Three: You see cellulite when you’re standing up and lying down

Once you determine which of your body areas you see cellulite, then you need to consult with a licensed White Tea Med Spa technician. A consultation is very important so you will know if the VelaShape treatment is right for you. VelaShape is a state of the art treatment that reduces cellulites and body inches. During the consultation, the technician will ask you personal questions about your health, lifestyle and any medical conditions, to make sure that you can receive the treatment. Then she will determine your cellulite level and analyze your fat so she can decide on how many series of treatments you will need. She will also inform you on how the process is being done followed by taking your body measurements and weight. Then she will proceed in doing the treatment with mechanical rollers which give rolling and sucking motions on your skin. These motions gently heat the skin to stimulate and shrink the fatty tissues that produce cellulite.

The VelaShape treatment lasts for 20 minutes per body area. Just remember that VelaShape is a cellulite reduction but not a weight reduction. So if you are 30 pounds more or less than your ideal weight, VelaShape can help you reduce inches and cellulite. There are no side effects on this treatment, as it is non surgical so you can go back to your normal routine after your session. It is usually done once week. Unless you are treating several areas, then 20 minutes is all you need every week to do it. Make sure you commit to your treatment sessions in order to see results and end up feeling a Ms. Universe!

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