5 Common Myths about Chemical Peels that Just Aren’t True

The simple fact that the term “chemical peel” has the word “chemical” in it automatically invokes a feeling of apprehension in most customers. In a world that is getting more and more obsessed with natural forms of treatments and diets, no one wants to knowingly use chemicals on their body. But alas, the truth is that we do need chemicals to a great extent. Some formulas are actually perfect for managing and treating uneven skin pigmentation as well as restoring skin tone and firmness.

Although there have been some unfortunate occurrences where chemical peels are concerned in the past, you should know that peels have greatly evolved over the past few years. Today, they have proven to be some of the most highly recommended remedies for a wide variety of skin care concerns.  Whether you have skin with acne, fine lines, and uneven skin pigmentation or just want your skin to glow the right chemical peel can achieve this for you.

With all these benefits, why does the term “chemical peel” still scare some potential uses? Because there are myths being perpetuated about this form of treatment. Myths that are both baseless and absolutely untrue. Here are some of the most common myths about chemical peels that you may have heard.

You will get the tremendous amount of irritation and redness after using chemical peels. There are cases where patients will experience mild redness and irritation after using chemical peels. This, however, should not be severe. The best chemical peels come with recommended remedies to alleviate these conditions and ensure that patient is as comfortable as possible.

All peels have the same adverse effects. All chemical peels are NOT created equal. There are many different types designed to treat different skin conditions. A patient suffering from sensitive skin and acne will not use same treatment as someone long for an anti-aging remedy.  That is why it is best to seek professional advice from your preferred skin care specialist as to which chemical peel to use. Be sure to open about any underlying issues such as allergies and skin sensitivity so as to avoid un-intended effects from using wrong peel.

Chemical peels are only for people with problematic skins. Even though most chemical peel options are formulated to treat various skin care concerns such as acne and uneven skin pigmentation among other imperfections, they can also be used in maintaining good skin health and appearance. If you have perfect skin and would like to keep it that way, there are chemical peels specifically formulated to prevent aging, clear out clogged pores and rejuvenate dull skin. Mild chemical peels are the best way to keep your skin healthy, hydrated and smooth.

You can perform your own chemical peel at home. Although there are peels readily available online today does OT mean that you should try and perform your own chemical peel at home. Some of these peels are both strong and extremely powerful.  Should they be performed by untrained hands and the patient cold end up with irreparable damage to the skin including hyper and hypo-pigmentation, scarring, redness and itching among other issues. Our skin care professionals have cosmetology licenses an excellent training on how to perform even the most sensitive peels. It is often best to seek help from a professional as opposed to fumbling your way through a chemical peel procedure that could leave you in even more skin trouble.

Chemical peels show immediate results. As is the case with almost every other cosmetic procedure, the fit thing you will see is mild unaesthetic changes. These include the mild redness and slight irritation that we talked about earlier. But that only occurs dung the initial stages. With consequent treatments, you will begin to see excellent results. So, the myth that you will only need one chemical peel treatment or that you will start to see results immediately is just that, a myth. It may take a few goes before you start seeing that kind of results that you want to see. But with professional care and by sticking to the treatment plan, you will see those results.

At White Tea Med Spa we have the most qualified and professional specialists ready to help you to achieve the kind of smooth, healthy and blemish free skin that you deserve. Make an appointment with us so we can help you to define what kind of chemical peel is the best for your skin type. Currently we are offerring specials on Light Chemical Peels. Call 212-647-8919 to learn more.



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