21 Questions About Endermologie- Answered

With self improvement on the rise, there are many new treatments, magic pills, and super-foods hitting consumers from every angle. What’s real and what’s fake?
What’s trustworthy and what is just a marketing gimmick?

I am not one to believe the hype, so I sat down with Maria Rianna-Boyajian, lead esthetician at The White Tea Med Spa, to hear her take on a popular cellulite reduction treatment- Endermologie.

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Here are her answers to my 21 questions:


1) What are the main benefits of Endermologie?

Body contouring, cellulite reduction, increased circulation, and overall body detox.


2) Is this treatment for the whole body or just specific areas of concern?

Both. We focus on areas of concern and also do the whole body for faster results.


3) Does it really work?

Yes. We wouldn’t offer it if it didn’t. One reason The White Tea Med Spa has a loyal clientele is because of our high standards. Our clients know that we offer the most up to date and effective treatments available.


4) Are there any side effects?



5) How long has Endermologie been around?

Twenty five years.


6) Who is an ideal candidate for Endermologie?

A typical candidate for Endermologie wants to reshape their body or smooth out cellulite and not more than fifty pounds overweight.


7) Is there anyone who cannot have the procedure done?

Anyone who has any serious medical conditions, is fifty pounds over their average weight, or pregnant.


8) Will I lose weight?

Endermologie is not a weight loss treatment, but some people lose weight because of its detoxing benefits.


9) What is the most common reason clients get Endermologie?

Body Contour.


10) Does it hurt?

No, Endermologie feels like a deep tissue massage—it feels great!


11) How long is one session?

Thirty Five minutes.


12) Can I go back to work the same day?



13) Does it leave marks?

Not usually, but if the client bruises easily, they may see spots that fade after one or two days. After the first session, their skin will adapt and will not experience any further bruising.


14) Are there any other possible skin irritations?



15) How many sessions does it takes to see significant results?

Fourteen sessions.


16) Are results permanent? Can you stop going for treatments after you see desired results?

Results are long lasting, however, maintaining with 1-2 sessions each month is best. Speak to your technician about a maintenance plan designed for your lifestyle.


17) Can anyone perform Endermologie?

Certification is required.


18) How long have you been a technician for Endermologie?

Eight years.


19) Do you perform it on yourself?

Yes, those are some of the perks of the job. On a more serious note, two years ago, I had difficulty walking because of two painful, herniated disks. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with yoga and Endermologie, I didn’t need to have back surgery. It is so much more than a body contouring treatment; Endermologie is also a therapeutic service.


20) Will it interfere with any cosmetic surgery (filler, breast/butt implants, etc.?)

No, we can always work around those areas.


21) Do I have to change my eating habits?

Eating healthy will allow clients to receive optimal results, but is not required.

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